Temporary Sheep Fencing Systems


  • Are you sick and tired of your temporary sheep fencing systems?
  • Do you dread break fencing because your reels break, jam or are they just generally hard work?
  • Do those silly hooks on the chains continuously get hooked on everything when you’re trying to unload the trailer?
  • Is your poly wire breaking down? Does it tangle and cut through the insulators when you’re winding them in.
  • Do you have your own special way of connecting the three hot wires at each end that no one seems to be able to do as well as you do?
  • Do you use the standards you use because no one has come up with anything better even though the foot doesn’t hold in soft soil, the insulation breaks down, and you get shocks off the shaft when moving them, or they cause the fence to short out?


Strainrite Fencing Systems know how important break fencing is both on grass and crops to maximise feed utilisation. With a real focus on providing user-friendly solutions for sheep farmers. With the right Strainrite gear, heading to the shed to get your break fencing kit won’t feel like a chore.



Strainrite has a firm belief in NZ Made. You can rest assured that they haven’t skimped on quality or workmanship by using high-quality materials and using tooling designed and built in-house to control manufacturing from the beginning to the end.


You will need a Strainrite triple reel set and a Reel mounting post. What’s great about Strainrite’s reels is the self-lubricating gears so they won’t jam up or go stiff. It’s three times less work winding in. For every handle rotation, the spool turns three times, and all of the plastic is UV stabilised to give the reels a long service life.

The mounting post is made of galvanised angle iron and won’t flex or bend, and no annoying hooks that get caught on things when transporting.


For each reel, a roll of Strainrite’s Super braid. A highly conductive braid, not poly wire. The key benefit of the braided weave, it doesn’t coil up when released and dramatically reduces the pesky tangling. Eight stainless wires allow a lower resistance and high conductive charge over standard poly wires.


Having good multiwire standards is key to carrying your power across the fence line and a good foot for ground holding. Strainrite’s pressed formed foot with its unique channel profile is considered by their customers to be the best inground holding on the market for any soil type.

The new Pigtail Multiwire has a UV resistant Injection moulded shaft for easy installation even if the fence is going, used along the length of the fence line. On the ends, use Strainrite’s unique Hotpost Multiwire.

Because of the all-steel profile, which becomes live. The power transfers to all three hooks. No need for a special degree in knot tying.