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Our Warranties

EZEPULL Tools Warranty


Warning: Do not send directly to Strainrite. you will incur a freight forward charge.

1. A copy of the customer receipt / Proof of purchase
2. The EZEPULL Tool
3. Description of the fault

Send to:

  • Johnstone Manufacturing Ltd
    4 Parkinson Place
    Te Rapa Park
    Hamilton 3288
  • Ph. 07-849 3250

Conditions Of Warranty

The Eze Pull Fence Tools are under warranty for two years from the date of purchase and are subject to the following conditions

*The tool must be used on fencing wire only.
*The tool must be oiled and adjusted regularly.
*The tool must not be used for hammering or striking.
*The tool must not be thrown or dropped on hard surfaces.
*The tool must be used as per operating instructions that are included with each tool.
*The tool must be used with Strainrite wire crimps only


Vital Information

We want you to enjoy many trouble free years of use. It is vital that the tool is oiled regularly on all moving parts

using standard motor oil, NOT spray-on lubricants or penetrating oils.Some parts of the Eze Pull Fence Tools achieve several tonnes of pressure and regular oiling is required to stop the seizure and accelerated wear.

Energizer Warranty

Warranty Information Coming Soon

General Warranty

Warranty Information Coming Soon