FX2 Contractor Chain Strainer – Fixed Handle

FX2 Contractor Chain Strainer – Fixed Handle

Strainrite Chain Strainers are a proven design with hard-wearing features that are built tough to last. The smooth grip jaws hold all common sizes of fence wire while minimising wire damage.

  • Used in farm fence applications to tension fence wire for wire joining or tying.
  • High-quality NZ-manufactured tool
  • Strainrite is the contractor choice for competitive fencing competitions
  • 1.2m Chain and Grab
  • Fixed handle with spring kit installed for guiding the claws across the chain

Spares Available

FCS00012 Chain & Grab Assembly

FCS00072 Grab Assembly

FCS00053 FX2 Handle & Grab Assembly

FCS00122 Grab Assembly for Chain Strainer Handle