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Bayco Insul Tie 5 Pack

PATENT No. 745179

The BAYCO INSUL TIE is an insulated strap ideal to secure the M-STOP Outrigger on rises & dip or snow loading where the fence wire wants to pull the M-STOP outrigger up or down. It can also be used in conjunction with a cliplock wire strainer and D shackle to provide you with a NO KNOTS option for tieing off an electric wire.


1.1 metres of Bayco Wire, a 4mm dia Polymer Mono-Filament wire that contains no metal. with looped ends closed off with Strainrite’s Original wire crimp.

M-STOP 1m Outrigger 10 Pack

Available in packs of 10

MPI Recommended Buffer
Manufactured to MPI’s guidelines for on-farm, biosecurity protection. Providing a cost-effective, permanent fixing, 1m offset outrigger to create a 2m buffer zone. (1m either side of a fence line)

Undulated Ground Strut Bracing
We recommend using Strainrite Bayco Wire for strut bracing to deal with the undulating ground when the wire pulls the outrigger up or down. The struts can be tied off using a 5mm Strainrite Crimps and stapled to the post. The Bayco wire also acts as an insulator further preventing any potential arcing out.
(Bayco Insul-tie 5 Pack Part Number FCA00011)

NZ Made & Built Tough
Dura-tip eliminates wear from wire movement. High strength shaft is manufactured from 7mm galvanised spring steel.

MPI guidelines: Protect your farm from Mycoplasma Bovis
You can view the MPI guidelines by going directly to their website:



Stingray 250mm Sidefix Outrigger-Box of 50

  • New Strainrite Stingray Outrigger
  • Includes White Clip-on Insulator
  • Features 250mm Side-Fix Outrigger Wire

Stingray 250mm Top Fix Outrigger – Box Of 50

  • New Stingray Outriggers
  • Includes the replaceable White Clip-on Insulator
  • Replacement of Insulators on permanent outrigger installations in seconds
  • Simple & cost effective

Stingray Double Ended Outrigger 650mm – Box Of 50

  • New Strainrite Stingray 250mm Double Ended Outrigger
  • Includes the new White Clip-on Insulator
  • 650mm Stingray Double ended Outrigger Wire

Stingray Steel Post Outrigger Black

  • Effective in preserving the life of an old fence – built tough to last
  • 160mm Length corrosion-resistant galvanised steel
  • Superior strength and performance.
  • Includes UV stabilised Clip-On Insulator with stylish and improved design
  • Black Insulator
  • Box of 100