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40mm Horse Tape Insulator Adaptor Clip 25pk

  • Insulator adapter clip
  • For use with 40mm Horse Tape
  • Galvanised spring Steel Design
  • Mounts to Joule Shield woodpost and steelpost Pinlock insulator (sold separately)
  • 25 pack

85mm Horse Tape Insulator Adaptor Clip 25pk

  • Insulator adapter clip
  • For use with 85mm Horse Tape
  • Galvanised spring steel design
  • Mounts to Joule Shield woodpost or steelpost Pinlock Insulator (sold separately)
  • 25 pack

Agri LCD Remote Programmer

Agri Energizers can be programmed and have their power and efficiency levels monitored using the LCD Energizer Remote Programmer. Some of the features and controls that can be programmed are:

  • Adjustable fence voltage
  • Adjustable pulse rate
  • Adjustable Day/Night mode
  • Adjustable Overload indicator
  • Battery Voltage report
  • Fence voltage report
  • Energizer security lock

Compatible with…

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Brianex Bungy Connector – Bag of 10

Ideal solution for electrical and non-electric bungy cord connecting.

  • No Crimping required
  • V-Lock system for easy adjustment
  • Provides effective electrical connection
  • Bag of 10 Brianex Bungee Connectors

Cut Out Switch – Box of 10

  • Quality Strainrite Cut Out Switch
  • Simple operation & Isolation of permanent electric fences
  • On/Off status easily seen from a distance

Digital Volt Meter

  • Digital self-earthing tester for accurate kV reading
  • Reads up to 10kV
  • Accurate digital display
  • For use on all electric fencing systems
  • Runs on 1 x CR2032 battery

Druid Keypad

  • Druid Optional Keypad
  • For controlling and programming Druid Energizer – FEN00490

Earth Stake

  • Profile design for ultimate surface to ground contact
  • Multiwire aluminium clamp system
  • Overall length 2M
  • Width 30.4mm

Earth Stake Advice

Earthing ground rod requirements: Approx 1 x 2m long galvanised ground rod for each 5j of energizer energy (minimum of 1).

(Earth rods should be installed at least 10m away from any mains earth, power supply or telephone cables)

* Distance figures stated are maximum single wire (km) effective performance for multiwire distance will be affected by fence.

Electric Fence Warning Signs – Pack Of 10

  • Double sided with permanent print
  • UV stabilised molding
  • In accordance with the Australian/New Zealand standards
  • Pack of 10

Fault Finder

  • Shows peak voltage, current and direction to fault in all-electric fences.
  • No second connection required.
  • Simply uses the capacitance of the user’s hand.

Fence Light: Stainless Steel – Blue

• Indicates power on the fence for peace of mind
• Visible from up to 1km at night and 100m during the day
• No batteries required
• Uses minimal power from the fence
• The frequency of the flashing LEDs indicates the amount of energy on the fence. The longer the period between flashes, the lower the voltage on the fence
• Highly visible LEDs allow for a 160-degree viewing angle. This allows the light to shine into the secure area only
• Can operate from 0.9kV to 12kV
• Can be used with most electric fence energizers
• Waterproof IP66
• Grade 316 stainless steel wire for coastal and corrosive environments

Fence Scope

  • The Fence Scope is a 4 in 1 tool, which helps diagnose problems on your fence to optimize electric fence installation and ensure that the fence continues to operate at ideal levels.
  • Fence Probe mode: quickly indicates the direction of a fence fault, showing the voltage and current.
  • Fence energy mode: accurately measures the true output energy along the fence.
  • Fence scope mode –this can record and display wave forms of the electric fence pulse. Distortions in the wave form (wave shape) generally indicate that there are fence faults.
  • Fence noise mode: assists in finding cracked or broken insulators, sparks and shorts along the fence.
  • Optional Pouch, great for keeping your Fence Scope clean & dry – FEA000160

Fence Scope Pouch

  • Pouch for Fence Scope – FEA00150
  • Hard wearing & durable pouch
  • Loop on the back so can be attached to belt

Flood Gate Controller

  • The flood gate controller limits energy on a section of fence in areas where flooding or heavy growth occurs.
  • Prevents fence from shorting
  • Reduces power loss when flood water contacts the electric fence line

Holeshot Staple Guide

The Holeshot is a muzzle attachment for your staple gun, which is perfectly designed to fit all Strainrite insulators for fast and effective installation on a wood post.

  • Fits the Stockade ST400i & ST400
  • Requires 2.5mm Allen key

FIN00500 Holeshot Info

KV LED Tester

  • Self-earthing fence tester with bright LED display
  • Reads up to 10kV
  • Runs on 2 x CR2016 batteries

Lightning Arrestor

  • Protects mains fence energizer from lightning
  • Channels lighting to ground to minimise damage to the energiser.
  • Installation on wall or fence

LIGHTNING Diverting Arrestor/Choke Kit

  • Proven In harsh Australian Lightning Conditions
  • Porcelain diverter
  • Joint clamps and heavy duty choke spring

Lightning Inhibitor & Diverter

  • Designed to operate in areas of high lightning stike rates
  • Stainless steel parts
  • UV stabilised housing
  • Inhibits lightning to energizer
  • Diverts lightning to earth
  • Easy Installation
  • Mounts to flat and curved surfaces

Low Voltage Alarm Indicator

  • Flashes to indicate fence has dropped in voltage below 2000
  • Flashes red when Voltage below the correct level (2 settings).
  • Easily attaches to your electric fencing wire, braid or tape
  • Runs on 1 x CR2016 battery

The Strainrite Low Voltage Alarm Indicator is an invaluable ‘alarm’ for showing when there has been a drop in the voltage through the fence.

This small, lightweight unit simply clips into the fence line and the red light will flash if the voltage drops below the correct level (2 settings). It also serves to remind you, from a distance, whether the fence is on or not.

It has an off switch, and a high and low switch depending on the type of fence it is monitoring. We recommend using the low setting for any electric netting and polywire, and the high setting for others such as tape or galvanised wire.

The Low Voltage Alarm which starts flashing when the voltage drops below 2000 (As opposed to the Clip-on Indicator Flasher flashes a green light with each pulse and stops flashing when fence voltage drops below 3000 volts).

Tip: Hang it near to where the power goes into the fence. Works best on tape or rope. For Electric Netting we recommend the Indicator Light Tube

Shock Cord Crimp Sleeves – Bag of 10

  • Easily crimps to Premium Electric Bungy Cord
  • Provides effective electrical connection

Split Bolt Wire Joining Clamp – Bag of 25

  • For use on all live earth wire connections
  • Provides a suitable electrical connection
  • For use with galvanized wire up to 2.5mm

Voltage Indicator

  • Flashes to indicate fence is operating at effective level
  • Flashes green when Voltage above 2000V
  • Easily attaches to your electric fencing wire, braid or tape
  • Runs on 1 x CR2016 battery

The Strainrite Clip-on Indicator Flasher shows the user that the fence is working.

Clip-on Indicator Flasher flashes a green light with each pulse and stops flashing when fence voltage drops below 2000 volts (as opposed to the Low Voltage Alarm which starts flashing when the voltage drops below 2000).

Very useful as optical control during darkness to indicate whether the fence is on or not. Just clip to the fence and it starts working, it does not need to be earthed. The Voltage Indicator requires a 3v Lithium battery, which is supplied already fitted.