Voltage Indicator

Voltage Indicator

  • Flashes to indicate fence is operating at effective level
  • Flashes green when Voltage above 2000V
  • Easily attaches to your electric fencing wire, braid or tape
  • Runs on 1 x CR2016 battery

The Strainrite Clip-on Indicator Flasher shows the user that the fence is working.

Clip-on Indicator Flasher flashes a green light with each pulse and stops flashing when fence voltage drops below 2000 volts (as opposed to the Low Voltage Alarm which starts flashing when the voltage drops below 2000).

Very useful as optical control during darkness to indicate whether the fence is on or not. Just clip to the fence and it starts working, it does not need to be earthed. The Voltage Indicator requires a 3v Lithium battery, which is supplied already fitted.

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