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Fencing Outrigger (Wire Only) – Bundle of 25

  • Fits Steel Post Pinlock or White Porcelain Insulators
  • Simply attaches to existing fencing.
  • Positively located in both the horizontal and vertical direction
  • Prolongs the life and reduces pressure on new and existing fences

Outrigger With Jouleshield Steel Post Pinlock Insulator – Box of 50

  • Range 2 Spring Steel Wire.
  • Positively located both horizontally and vertically.
  • Length off fence 300mm
  • Attaches simply to existing fencing.

Outrigger With White Porcelain Round Insulator – Box of 50

  • Attach electric wire onto an existing fence.
  • Simply attaches to existing fencing.
  • Prolongs the life of an old fence